Thursday, September 8, 2011

How Does Knowing Your Constitution Affect You?

As Americans, we are not getting involved in what happens to America. The Constitution was created to have checks and balances in the government that would protect us, keep the States of the Union in accord and make this country a strong nation.
Our taxes are not to be excessive, our borders are protected by our military, the people of the nation have power in their own states and when the state needs help in defending borders, natural catastrophes and abiding Constitutional Laws, the Federal Government is to aid in whatever area is necessary. All of these things are in the Constitution.
This country started as people with common ideals and entrepreneurs if you will. People that loved the land, they created businesses and supported each other in their endevors. The country was in debt and creative minds were needed to have success.
We, today can be entrepreneurs and create our own businesses, America is a great place to do that. 
We The People need to take the time to educate ourselves, so we may hire and fire our officials by voting them in and out of office. It is our right and duty to vote. 
Being Americans we have so many rights...we take them for granted. Let us do our duty, learn and educate others, vote and be a participant in our communities, our cities, states and country.

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